Seven Lucky Gods Walking Tour

Welcome 2022 with a cultural outing to an area of Tokyo steeped in history and charm.

This annual “pilgrimage” to the Yanaka district, led by Members Miki Ohyama and Reiko Oshima, offers an opportunity to stock up on good fortune while visiting the temples of Japan’s seven lucky gods, or shichifukujin.

Members will experience the traditions of a Japanese New Year during visits to the temples of Togakuji (Fukurokuju), Seiunji (Ebisu), Shushoin (Hotei), Tennoji (Bishamonten), Choanji (Jurojin), Gokokuin (Daikokuten) and Bentendo (Benzaiten).

As a memento of the day, tourgoers can pick up a goshuin stamp card (¥1,500) to fill with a stamp from each temple (¥200 per stamp).

Who are the seven lucky gods?

  • Fukurokuju: god of wealth, happiness and longevity
  • Ebisu: god of fishing, shipping and commerce
  • Hotei: god of contentment
  • Bishamonten: god of warriors and protection from evil
  • Jurojin: god of wisdom
  • Daikokuten: god of agriculture and rice
  • Benzaiten: goddess of knowledge and arts


  • Meeting point: Tabata Station (North Exit)
  • ¥550 (guests: ¥770; 11 & under: free)
  • Member registration from Dec 8 (10am)
  • Non-Member and guest registration from Dec 16 (10am)
  • Limit: two guests per Member
  • Comfortable shoes and strollers for small children recommended
  • Organized by the Culture, Community & Entertainment Committee

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