Total Back Care

Lower back pain is the leading reason for people around the world to skip work.

In fact, around 30 percent of adult Americans suffer from backache—in a country that spends more than $90 billion a year on the problem.

If you suffer from back or shoulder pain after hours hunched over your computer, help is at hand.

Club instructor Chuck Johnson returns with two more sessions of practical exercises to keep you pain-free and flexible.

Whether you suffer from chronic lower back pain or shoulder and neck stiffness, the American martial artist and fitness expert will introduce muscle-strengthening exercises and stretches to banish nagging discomfort for good.


  • Session 1: 10am–12pm
  • Session 2: 1–3pm
  • ¥3,300 (guests: ¥3,960)
  • Optional stretch band: ¥2,750

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