Better Movement and Posture for Youth

Find improved flexibility, range of movement and body alignment through easy-to-follow exercises.

What will I learn in this class?
Students learn how to use basic yoga techniques to boost their energy while maintaining physical and mental balance. A combination of mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques and physical exercises are used to properly align the spine and strengthen the back muscles.

What are the benefits of this class?
A well-aligned spine and body are crucial to overall health. By learning how to correctly stretch and strengthen the muscles around the back, students discover greater mobility and suppleness and reduced muscle tension. This can lead to better athletic performance and recovery and improved wellness.

Who will teach this class?
An established Club yoga instructor, Luiz Olimpio has been practicing yoga since 1999. The Brazilian trained to be an instructor in India with the United States-based nonprofit Yoga Alliance and holds regular meditation and yoga retreats in Japan.

Sat | 11:30am–12pm | one fitness pass (walk-ins: ¥1,760) | recommended for ages 10 & above | capacity: 8

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