Fitness for Life

Discover—or rediscover—mobility and health through expert-led exercise sessions.

What will I learn in this class?
Designed for those looking to stay fit and mobile through their later years or those determined to return to fitness with improved energy levels, this class focuses on easy-to-follow movements to boost mobility, core stability and strength. Such workout tools as stability balls and foam rollers are used for some exercises.

What are the benefits of this class?
Through semiweekly sessions, students discover and sustain improved movement and functionality. In turn, enhanced physical health boosts mental well-being and leads to an enriched daily lifestyle and outlook.

Who will teach this class?
Club personal trainer Pete Carey (pictured right) has decades of experience coaching a range of ages and fitness levels, including adults, children and athletes. As a “body redesign architect,” the retired US Marine adapts his training to the age, lifestyle and fitness goals of each client. In particular, he has created a system of training for people over 50 who have neglected their fitness. He has a passion for empowering people to lead healthier and fuller lives.

Mon, Wed & Fri | 8–9am | three fitness passes | capacity: 8

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