All About Sake (Online)

Dive into the wide (and delicious) world of Japanese sake in this virtual tasting.

What will I learn in this class?
Has choosing sake ever given you a headache? Ever wonder what’s meant by terms like karakuchi or dassai?

In this virtual class, learn all there is to know about the characteristics, brewing processes and drinking styles of sake. Delve into sake label reading, serving methods, types of vessels and much more all while sampling sake from the comfort of your home.

A set of five miniature sake bottles (junmai-daiginjo, ginjo, junmai, honjozo and aged) will be delivered to participants ahead of the class.

Who teaches this class?
Kazuko Morio is a certified kikisakeshi sake sommelier and a licensed national guide-interpreter.
Morio has conducted various sake brewery tours and worked as an interpreter at international sake events.


  • Feb 3
  • 6:30–8pm
  • Online
  • ¥7,700 per person
  • ¥11,000 per couple
  • Cancellation deadline: Jan 26
  • An enrichment program registration fee of ¥3,500 is applied to non-Connections members.