Ginza Gallery Tour

Explore Tokyo’s most prestigious art galleries.

What will I learn in this class?
Welcome to Ginza, one of Tokyo’s most expensive shopping districts and the home to some of East Asia’s premier art galleries. On this guided tour, visit several of them as you gain deeper insight into what contemporary artists are producing and what top buyers are collecting.

In addition to art itself, learn more about the exhibition system artists work within, including discussions on commercial galleries, rental galleries, department store galleries and corporate-sponsored art spaces.

This tour includes a short break at a local café.

Who teaches this class?
Kara Besher has run a contemporary art gallery in Tokyo, advised museums and private collectors, managed an artist-in-residence program, reviewed exhibitions for magazines and taught art management at Keio University. Besher holds an art history degree from Sophia University and a certification in arts appraisal from New York University.


  • Apr 15
  • 11am–2pm
  • Meeting point: Doutor at Ginza Crossing
  • ¥5,000 (excludes food & drink)
  • Cancellation deadline: Apr 7
  • An enrichment program registration fee of ¥3,500 is applied to non-Connections members.