Junior Tennis (Fall)

This program is an entry-level introduction to tennis for young players from age 3.

What will I learn in this class?
Beginner students (from 3 years old) are introduced to the very basics of tennis. Students use trainer balls and rackets and learn under modern teaching techniques until they can continue rallies and play full games.

What are the benefits of this class?
Smaller courts, lower nets, shorter racquets and balls that bounce lower make learning a new sport less frustrating and more entertaining. Children learn how to play a popular sport that improves fitness and coordination while developing a hobby that could last a lifetime.

Who teaches the class?
The Krissman International Tennis School introduced the US Professional Tennis Association’s Little Tennis program to the Club in 1999. This updated program is taught under the direction of USPTA professional Allen Krissman and by the international team of the Krissman International Tennis School.


  • Sep 3–Dec 10 (13 classes; no-class: Oct 29, Nov 26)
  • Sat | 9–9:45am (ages 3–5) | ¥31,460


  • Sep 3–Dec 10 (13 classes; mo-class: Oct 29, Nov 26)
  • Sat | 9:45–10:30am (ages 6–7) | ¥31,460


  • Sep 3–Dec 10 (13 classes; no-class: Oct 29, Nov 26)
  • Sat | 10:30–11:30am (ages 8–9 & 10+ beginner) | ¥35,750


  • Sep 3–Dec 10 (13 classes; no-class: Oct 29, Nov 26)
  • Sat | 11:30am–12:30pm (ages 10+ non-beginner) | ¥35,750


Level Breakdown
Coaching staff will make final level placements.

  • Level 1: New to tennis
  • Level 2: Completion of level 1 course (or equivalent). Basic strokes and consistent ball contact.
  • Level 3: Completion of level 2 course (or equivalent). Can self-rally and consistently hit ball over the net with control.
  • Level 4: Completion of level 3 course (or equivalent). Can rally and play points. Comprehension of basic strategies and different shot types.


Additional Information

  • Cancellations accepted up to the day of the first class
  • Participants must be at least 3 years or older at start of term.
  • Ages 3 & 4 are advised to have a parent or guardian present during class (if they not toilet trained). Parent or guardian must be available during the class to help with bathroom breaks.
  • Students must wear athletic shoes.
  • Prices include consumption tax.


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