Kids' Weekend Swim Clinic: Session 4

Weekend sessions designed for beginners ages five to seven who want to learn swimming skills in a structured environment and develop basic water confidence.

What will I learn in this program?

Swimmers focus on proper fundamentals in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke in a fun and supportive environment.

Techniques covered in the normal three-month course are compressed into four consecutive Sundays for rapid development.

What are the benefits of this program?
Group lessons help young swimmers learn through observation and become more comfortable in the water. Student-to-instructor ratio guarantee each child has enough attention and support to progress safely and effectively.

Swimmers who have shown aptitude in lower levels can accelerate their growth through this concentrated approach to more advanced swimming techniques.

Pre-Level 1
Objectives: Swim five meters unassisted with proper arm and leg coordination
Ages 3–4
Maximum: 4 students

Level 1
Students with basic water confidence start form proper strokes. Swimmers work on body positioning, kicking and arm movements in a fun environment. Students learn to swim up to eight meters independently while maintaining good posture and technique.
Prerequisites: Water confidence. Ability to swim at least five meters unassisted
Objectives: Swim up to eight meters freestyle and backstroke
Ages 4–5
Maximum: 4 students

Level 2
Students who have passed level 1 work on body positioning, strengthening kicks, stroke coordination and breathing over distances between eight and 10 meters.

Prerequisites: Ability to swim at least eight meters unassisted
Objectives: Swim up to 10 meters freestyle and backstroke
Ages 5–7
Maximum: 5 students

Level 3
Students who have passed Level 2 prepare for introductory competitive swimming. Swimmers focus on body positioning, the basics of pacing and circle swimming over distances up to 15 meters.

Prerequisites: Ability to swim at least 10 meters unassisted; proper body positioning; basic pacing; circle swimming for up to 15 meters
Objectives: Swim 15 meters freestyle, backstroke and basic breaststroke
Ages 5–7
Maximum: 6 students


  • Sat | pre-level 1; level 1; level 2 | 9–9:30am | 9:30–10am
  • Sat | level 3 | 9–9:30am | 9:30–10am | 5–5:30pm | 5:30–6pm

    Session 4: Oct 15–Dec 10 | 9 lessons | ¥19,800


  • Sun | pre-level 1; level 1; level 2 | 9–9:30am | 9:30–10am
  • Sun | level 3 | 9–9:30am | 9:30–10am

    Session 4: Oct 16–Dec 11 | 9 lessons | ¥19,800

Additional Information
Prices include consumption tax