Kids’ Summer Swim Program Level 3

The perfect environment for budding waterbugs to take the next step.

What will I learn in this program?
The Sky Pool's summer group programs are structured to accommodate various ages and levels. Lesson goals range from developing water confidence and honing basic swimming skills to solidifying stroke improvement.

This level focuses on the development of proper stroke techniques through drills to refine strokes (freestyle and backstroke) over short distances to encourage proper performance.

What are the benefits of this program?
Classes are arranged in compact, two-week sets to ensure steady development as students move through the various levels of the overall Sky Pool program.

Who will teach this class?
The Sky Pool's team of professional swim instructors and coaches guide participants through these unique lessons.

Class Schedule
Mon–Thu (4 days)

  • Goal: Swim 15 meters freestyle and backstroke
  • Prerequisites: Ability to swim 8 meters unassisted with arm and leg coordination


  • Session 1: Jun 12–22
  • Session 2: Jun 26–Jul 6
  • Session 3: Jul 17–27*
  • Session 4: Jul 31–Aug 10
  • No class on national holidays: Jul 17
  • Two weeks (8 lessons)
  • 10:30–11:15am (45 mins)
  • ¥33,440
  • Ages 6–7
  • Maximum: 6 participants per group
  • Register online from May 23 (10am)