Learn to Swim Pre-Level One: Session 3

This program is designed for beginners between ages 3 and 4 who lack confidence in and around water.

What will I learn in this program?
In this introductory course, kids practice submerging, floating and treading water in addition to kicks and arm movements. These skills form the basis of swimming fundamentals and prepare young children to join the first level of the Learn to Swim program. The objective is for each child to swim 5 meters unassisted, with proper arm and leg coordination.

What are the benefits of this program?
Group lessons help young swimmers learn through observation and become more comfortable in the water. Student-to-instructor ratio guarantee each child has enough attention and support to progress safely and effectively. 


  • Session 3: Aug 21–Sep 27 | registration starts 10am on Aug 1
  • Mon | 4–4:30pm | ¥9,900
  • Wed | 4–4:30pm | ¥11,880


  • Session 4: Oct 11–Dec 7 | registration starts 10am on Sep 20
  • Mon | 4–4:30pm | ¥15,840
  • Wed | 4–4:30pm | ¥17,820


Additional Information

  • Objectives: swim five meters unassisted with proper arm and leg coordination
  • For ages 3–4
  • Capacity: four students
  • No class on national holidays