Coding and Robotics Club (Fall)

Kids become savvy in the software that drives tech.

What will the students learn in this class?
Kids dive into the world of tech and learn how to use code to create games, interactive stories and art projects and to control devices like robots, microcontrollers and drones. Kids also pick up problem-solving and logic skills in the process.

The curriculum is designed to help beginners build a solid foundation in computer science while challenging advanced students through increasingly testing projects.


  • Ages 5–6
    Young coders program their own interactive stories, games, Lego robots, sensors and more using easy-to-use, visual programming languages.


  • Ages 7–11
    Students use various coding languages, including Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode to program games, interactive stories, augmented reality, AI, mobile apps and a rage of devices. In addition to block-based coding, kids learn such text-based languages as Python.


  • Ages 12 & above
    Students focus on using Python, a popular text-based programming language, and advanced block-based languages for creating mobile iOS and Android apps. They develop their skills in programming games, augmented reality, AI, art projects and a range of robots and devices. Students learn advanced computational thinking and computer science concepts and algorithms.

Students can delve deeper into the world of tech by taking the Minecraft Coding class on Saturdays.

What are the benefits of this class?
Coding provides a multitude of benefits to children in their educational pursuits and future careers. They build fundamental computer science and problem-solving skills, gain experience with new technologies, express themselves creatively and develop confidence ad inquisitiveness around technology. Students receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course.

Who will teach this class?
Classes are taught by highly experienced, ex-Microsoft engineers from Coding Lab Japan. With backgrounds in computer science, mathematics and education, they blend technology with fun to keep kids engaged. Guest instructors from companies like Microsoft and Google occasionally teach.


  • Sep 6–Dec 13 (14 classes; no class: Nov 22)
  • Wed | 4–5pm | Ages 5–6 (Junior) | ¥83,160
  • Wed | 5:15–6:45pm | Ages 7–11 | ¥123,200
  • Wed | 7–8:30pm | Ages 12 & above | ¥123,200