Traditional Japanese Cuisine: Flavors for Fall

Immerse yourself in the culture and ingredients of Japanese cuisine, or washoku.

With the fiery hues of fall ablaze across Japan, this fun, hands-on cooking class focuses on the season with a selection of dishes featuring Japanese autumn ingredients.

The class begins with making dashi, a soup stock that forms the base of much of Japanese cuisine.

Participants will enjoy lunch together at the conclusion of this beginner-level class.


  • Dashi soup stock (demonstration)
  • Tuna and sesame sashimi (hands-on preparation)
  • Simmered vegetables, including ginko nuts, shimeji mushrooms (demonstration & hands-on preparation)
  • Miso soup (hands-on preparation)


Yuko Sugawara is a chef and instructor specializing in kaiseki cuisine. Six years ago, she opened Tokitarazu, a Japanese restaurant in Hiroo, where she also teaches her Toki Lab classes to a range of cooking ability levels, from beginners to chefs. Sugawara used to work at Japan Airlines.


  • Nov 15
  • 10am–12pm
  • Off-site (Tokitarazu; nearest station: Ebisu)
  • ¥9,000
  • Non-Connections members are charged an additional registration fee of ¥3,500 (waived for Connections members).
  • Cancellation deadline: Nov 8
  • Contact the Connections Office about class availability after registration has closed.