Traditional Japanese Cuisine: New Year Celebration

Immerse yourself in the culture and ingredients of Japanese cuisine, or washoku.

New Year in Japan has its own array of specific dishes, many with auspicious meaning for the coming year.

In this hands-on class, students will learn how to make a selection of New Year osechi dishes while discovering their relevance to the festive period.

The class begins with making dashi, a soup stock that forms the base of much of Japanese cuisine.

Participants will enjoy lunch together at the conclusion of this beginner-level class.


  • Dashi soup stock (demonstration)
  • Mitsuzakana: herring roe, dried sardines and black soybeans (hands-on preparation)
  • Ozoni soup (hands-on preparation)
  • Kamaboko cured surimi (hands-on preparation)
  • Datemaki rolled sweet omelet (demonstration)
  • Shiitake mushrooms and chicken (demonstration)

Yuko Sugawara is a chef and instructor specializing in kaiseki cuisine. Six years ago, she opened Tokitarazu, a Japanese restaurant in Hiroo, where she also teaches her Toki Lab classes to a range of cooking ability levels, from beginners to chefs. Sugawara used to work at Japan Airlines.


  • Dec 6
  • 10am–12pm
  • Off-site (Tokitarazu; nearest station: Ebisu)
  • ¥9,000
  • Non-Connections members are charged an additional registration fee of ¥3,500 (waived for Connections members).
  • Cancellation deadline: Nov 29
  • Contact the Connections Office about class availability after registration has closed.