Club Squash Handicap Tournament

Prepare to leave it all on the court in this annual quest for Club bragging rights.

In this annual competition, players are assigned a positive or negative handicap by the Squash Committee, with matches always starting from zero.

For example, if player A has a handicap of +2 and player B has a handicap of -7, the first game will start at 0-9.

From the second game, dynamic handicapping kicks in, meaning the difference in handicaps between A and B increases by 1 if B wins the game or decreases by 1 if B loses the game.

Players who lose their first-round match compete in the Plate Tournament. Matches should be organized by the competing players.

The climax of the tournament is on May 25, with drinks and prizes in Traders’ Bar after the finals.


  • Finals: May 25
  • Plate tournament: 2pm
  • Main tournament: 3:30pm
  • All ages welcome (under 16s require the permission of the Squash Committee to compete)

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