All-Comers Swim Meet

The competition is heating up at this all-ages meet.

Grab your swim cap and goggles and head to the Sky Pool for this annual Club-wide invitational.

With events in freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke across a range of distances and age brackets, there’s something for every swimmer at this half-day test of aquatic mettle.

Heat Schedule
Ages 13 & above, 50m Freestyle
Ages 8 & under, 25m Butterfly
Ages 9–10, 50m Butterfly
Ages 11–12, 50m Butterfly
Ages 13–18, 50m Butterfly
Ages 19 & above, 50m Butterfly
Ages 8 & under, 25m Backstroke
Ages 9-10, 50m Backstroke
Ages 11–12, 50m Backstroke
Ages 13–18, 50m Backstroke
Ages 19 & above, 50m Backstroke
Ages 8 & under, 25m Breaststroke
Ages 9–10, 50m Breaststroke
Ages 11–12, 50m Breaststroke
Ages 13–18, 50m Breaststroke
Ages 19 & above, 50m Breaststroke
Ages 8 & under, 25m Freestyle
Ages 9–10, 50m Freestyle
Ages 11–12, 50m Freestyle
Ages 13–18, 100m Freestyle
Ages 19 & above, 100m Freestyle


  • Ages 8 & above

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