Seaside Flowers and Great Buddha

Head to Hitachi Seaside Park and its rolling hills of blooming kochia and cosmos.

Then, visit Oarai Isosaki Shrine and its famous torii gate amid the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. On the way back to Tokyo, visit the 120-meter tall Ushiku Buddha, Japan’s tallest Buddha statue.

Please wear weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear. Tour fee includes private bus travel, lunch and venue admission.


  • Women’s Group members: ¥9,800
  • Non-Women’s Group members: ¥10,780
  • Sign up from 10am Sep 17 (non-Women’s Group members: 10am Sep 24)
  • All prices exclude consumption tax

Only Women's Group members can register during the first week. Non-Women's Group members and guests must register after the specified date. Non-Women's Group members and guests who apply in the first week may receive confirmation, but they will not be registered.

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