Mizuhiki Knot Workshop: Necklace

Experience the delicate beauty of traditional mizuhiki knot-tying.

What will I learn in this class?
Traditional gifts at weddings, births and funerals, works of colorful mizuhiki knots offer a delicate and elegant expression of Japanese beauty. Craft your own plum-motif necklace at this beginner-level workshop.

What is the goal of this class?
Experience an often overlooked traditional Japanese art and create a stunning addition to your wardrobe or a personalized gift.

Who teaches this class?
Eri Nagasawa has been selling her own handcrafted jewelry since 2017. Raised in a family sensitive to traditional Japanese aesthetics evident in tea ceremony and kimono fashion, Nagasawa now enjoys sharing that artistic sensitivity with her students.


  • Feb 27
  • 1:30–3:30pm
  • Beate Sirota Gordon & Haru Reischauer classrooms
  • ¥4,000
  • Cancellation deadline: Feb 18

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