Secrets to Staying in Shape

Last month, you were working out a few times a week and controlling your cravings.

Now that 2020 is setting in, how do you avoid becoming yet another failed New Year’s resolution statistic?

“Environment and mentality,” says Takeshi Hirata (pictured with Member Anne Egros).

At this free February 2 seminar, the Club trainer and author of a new self-help book on losing weight guides Members through tried-and-tested ways both in and outside of the gym to sustain the good habits you’ve built up throughout January.

Lifestyle structure is crucial, Hirata says. Apart from the obvious benefits of sticking to a regular exercise routine, knowing the next workout is around the corner lessens the guilt of eating out, enjoying a drink after work or indulging in all the other creature comforts that make life worth living.

“We can’t just eat broccoli and chicken breasts and work out like crazy,” Hirata says. “I think there are better ways to do it.”

Find out exactly what they are at this first step on the road to wellness.

This seminar is also the perfect start to the Weight-Loss Challenge from February 3.

  • Ages 16 & above
  • Members only

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