Gallery Exhibition: Hiroyuki Tamba

In a world of art obsessed with realistic depictions, Vincent van Gogh exploded onto the scene with little regard for photorealism.

Instead, it was his power to capture the light, color and emotion of a moment in time that, in the end, earned him immortality.

“What characterizes his works as a whole is its excess,” wrote a contemporary French critic, one of van Gogh’s few proponents in the Dutch master’s early days.

“In his categorical affirmation of the character of things...a powerful figure is revealed.”

Hiroyuki Tamba asks not to be measured against van Gogh.

Yet as you take a moment to appreciate Tamba’s works intensely fixated on flowers, insects and other explosively vivid images of the natural world, consider (instead of what they depict) what drove Tamba to render them so richly.

Gallery Exhibition

  • June 15–July 31
  • Members only

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