Gallery Exhibition: Shoko Ohta

In this memorial exhibition, the Club honors a foundational talent of sumi-e painting.

Throughout her life, the late Shoko Ohta refused to rest on her demonstrable laurels as a traditional Japanese artist schooled by her family in the principles of sumi-e.

Instead, Ohta taught her students at the Club all she knew for an astonishing 72 years.

“She devoted her 89 years of life to painting,” says Suiko Ohta, daughter and scion of the Ohta family’s long line of artists. “Through the development of her talent, art became her support and her friend. Japanese painting was everything to her.”

Through October 12, Members can witness Ohta’s dedication to sumi-e painting in particular and a life dedicated to art overall through her careful brushstrokes, practiced eye and telltale sensibility for mono no aware, the pathos of things.

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