Adult Aikido (Fall)

Our adult classes are open to anyone interested in working with others in an enjoyable atmosphere.

While the practice can be serious we try to ensure that while getting a great work out we also have fun.
No experience is necessary, come and give us a try!

What will I learn in these classes?
Aikido teaches life skills, such as how to work with others and be a productive member of a group. In Aikido we have partners, not opponents, and the key is working together with the partner so both can improve. Students will learn that by focusing on aspects of their own movements, as well as those of their partner, they can increase awareness and concentration. Regardless of rank, partners need full attention and relaxed concentration to apply the most effective techniques. The lack of competition in the dojo, as well as the emphasis on blending with an attack rather than meeting force with force, gradually helps develop an attitude of calm towards situations of physical or emotional conflict.

What are the benefits of these classes?
The benefits of Aikido are endless. Emphasis on correct basics, balance, and posture results in the steady improvement of physical and mental conditioning in daily life and provides a sense of being energized and centered. Although each Aikido student practices at a pace that is suitable to their rank and ability, beginners will gradually build skill and endurance. The level of concentration that a person focuses on aspects of their own body movements, as well as those of their partner, increases awareness and powers of concentration. Adults will enjoy the benefits of Aikido at home and work as the lessons on the mats become part of life off of the mats.

Who will teach these classes?
The Chief Instructor is Paul Neuman, a 5th degree black belt in Aikido. Paul has assembled a great team of highly skilled instructors with years of experience teaching children and adults. Pacific Aikido has been teaching Aikido to children and adults since 1991 and at TAC since 1999.

9–10am  Adults and High School students (minimum age 15 years old)
Sep 6–Dec 13 (No class on Oct 18 & Nov 29)
Session fee: ¥36,400 (13 classes, tax excluded)
Observation day: To be decided at the start of the term

1–2pm: Women’s Aikido
Sep 2–Dec 16 (No class on Oct 21 & Nov 25)
Term fee: ¥39,200 (14 classes, tax excluded)
Observation day: To be decided at the start of the term

**Trial class: A trial class can be arranged in an appropriate class where space is available. Please contact Pacific Aikido directly to arrange that.
**Uniforms: Can be purchased directly from Pacific Aikido, prices start from ¥8,000.
**Observation day: Please check with Pacific Aikido directly for dates.

Pacific Aikido: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 03-3350-5434

• Prices exclude consumption tax
• Mask required