Preschool Prep

Sharpen your pencils and pack your bagit’s time for the first day of school.

Set your child up for success that first day of class with the Club’s very own prep course for first-time students.

Featuring vocabulary-building skills, classroom participation games and activities in other critical areas, the program is an excellent chance for young ones to start learning before their first bell rings.

“It’s when they first learn how to interact with others and learn critical social and emotional skills,” says head teacher and early childhood education expert Joyce Nketsia-Mensah. “When this is done successfully, it lays a solid foundation throughout the child’s education.”

Monthly sessions include daily lunches and rigorous sanitization routines to protect teachers and students alike.


  • Oct 5–30, Nov 2–20 & Nov 30–Dec 18
  • Weekdays: 9am–2pm
  • Session 1 (Oct 5–30): ¥160,000
  • Sessions 2 & 3 (Nov 2–20 & Nov 30–Dec 18): ¥120,000
  • Weekly walk-ins: ¥45,000 (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register)
  • Ages 2–4

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