The Japanese Tea Box

Dive into the world of the chabako tea box.

What will I learn in this class?
A traditional tea box that is covered in fabric or washi paper, the chabako has emerged as a new art form since foreigners began utilizing the tea box as decorative shortage. In this series of classes, participants will purchase fabric at the Yuzawaya Kamata sewing shop with the Sensei’s assistance and cover their own teabox in the following 2 sessions.

Who teaches this class?
Reiko Takahashi became is a licensed Kimekomi doll maker from Tokyo Koto Ningyo Gakuin in 1965 and has expanded her artistic abilities in various crafts including chabako tea boxes.


  • April 14, 21 & 28
  • 10am–12:30pm
  • Beate Sirota Gordon and Haru Reischauer classrooms
  • ¥13,500 (materials fee: Based on selected fabric and tea box size (3 different sizes)
  • Tea box price: ¥5,500–¥7,200
    - 5kg (24cm X 33cm X 28cm)
    - 10kg (30cm X 43cm X 34cm)
    - 20kg (37cm X 52cm X 42cm)
  • Cancellation deadline: Apr 6


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