Youth Volleyball (Spring)

Volleyball is a rewarding, non-contact sport for players who know the basic skills of serving, passing and hitting.

What will the students learn in this class?
Students will learn the ins and outs of volleyball. Along with skills, this class teaches strategy and tactics and helps develop a strong mentality. The best player on the court is not always the most physical or athletic; there are more ways to score than being strong.

What are the benefits of this class?
This class revolves heavily on teaching players how to make their failures the best teacher. Coaches push for the highest level possible out of all students to help them understand their own strengths and weaknesses, while using both of those to their advantage.

Who will teach this class?
Coach Taylor has played in Japan's V-League for Saitama Azalea Club during the 2016-2017 season and currently competes in Japan's Beach Volleyball Tour. Taylor bring years of high-level club, collegiate, professional and beach volleyball experience to his students. These classes will focus on the little things in volleyball that make it unique and enjoyable for all levels and ages. Taylor will be joined by co-coach Takamichi in running these classes.


  • Beginner/Intermediate: 11–15 yrs | Apr 9–Jun 4 | Fri | 5:30–6:30pm | 9 classes | Cancel by Apr 9 | ¥19,800
  • Advance: 13–18 yrs | Apr 9–Jun 4 | Fri | 6:30–8pm | 9 classes | Cancel by Apr 9 | ¥33,750


  • Prices exclude consumption tax
  • Mask required
  • Requirements: proper athletic shoes, attire, water bottle and eagerness to learn.
  • Advanced level pre-requisites: at least 1 year of high school or 8th grade level volleyball experience and having the ability to bump, set, and spike while jumping.