Aikido for Kids (Spring)

Young students learn the essentials behind this traditional Japanese martial art.

From what age can my child start Aikido?
Children from 5 years old are welcome to join. Younger students close to their 5th birthday wishing to try, a trial and assessment class can be arranged in a class with space available.

What are the benefits of these classes?
Pacific Aikido’s children’s classes provide the opportunity to introduce children to a Japanese martial art with a balance of discipline and fun, both of which are equally important. The structured approach to physical development also helps with mental development. Through fun and focused body movements, specific pieces of Aikido techniques, students build self-awareness, confidence, and coordination.

What will my child learn in these classes?
From the start, your child will learn proper dojo etiquette and manners that are vital to learning any martial art. Starting from basic yet specific body movements and moving into working with partners, students develop self-control, agility, improved balance and flexibility, and how to work with others respectfully. Training in Aikido helps students reach their full potential not just during class but in their daily lives as well.

How will the classes run during the Covid situation?
The safety and health of our students, their families, and our team of instructors are most important to us. We follow the Club’s guidelines regarding hygiene, cleaning, and class sizes. Our curriculum allows for no contact and social distancing during classes. Depending on the wishes of the students’ families, we can do regular training with some physical contact, weapons training with no contact, or a combination of the two.

Aikido techniques mainly come from weapons training, in particular the jo (wooden staff), and bokken (wooden sword). Training with weapons offers a genuine experience of Samurai or Jedi training. The training is fun and kids can relate it to their favourite characters. In addition to body movements, students will focus on how to use the jo and bokken safely and their importance to Aikido. Younger students will use only foam weapons developed specifically for our classes that are very light and very safe while still giving the authentic feel of the originals.

Weapons training develops correct stance, posture, and a good understanding of distance. It also teaches timing so students learn when to move and sync with the partner to anticipate the next moves. Unlike regular Aikido practice, students can practice various forms at home on their own.

Who will teach these classes?
The Chief Instructor is Paul Neuman, a 5th-degree black belt from Vancouver and father of three. Paul has assembled a great team of highly skilled instructors with years of experience. Pacific Aikido has been teaching Aikido to children and adults since 1991 and at TAC since 1999. The TAC Aikido Club is a registered dojo of the Aikikai Foundation-Aikido World Headquarters under the Pacific Aikido group.

Pacific Aikido: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 03-3350-5434

Venue: Activity Rooms B1

Mar 31–Jun 9 (No classes May 5)
Cancellation deadline: Mar 31, 9pm
Fee: ¥28,000 (10 classes) **¥21,000 for the 3:45-4:30pm class**

3:45–4:30pm | (ages 5–7) Younger elementary
4:30–5:30pm | (ages 5–9) Elementary
5:30–6:30pm | (ages 10–14) Elementary & JH School

Note: If there are not enough students to open both the 3:45 & 4:30 classes, students will be combined into the 4:30 time slot.

Apr 4–Jun 6 (No classes May 2)
Cancellation deadline: Apr 4, 9pm
Fee: ¥25,200 (9 classes)

10–11am | (ages 10–14) Elementary & JH School
11am–12pm | (ages 5–9) Elementary
12–1pm | (ages 5–7) Younger elementary

Note: If there are not enough students to open both the 11am & 12pm classes, students will be combined into the 11am time slot.

*Trial class: Please contact Pacific Aikido directly to arrange a trial class.
*Uniforms: Can be purchased directly from Pacific Aikido, prices start from ¥7,000.

  • Prices exclude consumption tax
  • Mask required