Gallery Exhibition: Yoshitoku Dolls

Founded in 1711, the Yoshitoku doll company combines traditional elegance with modern twists.

Though Japanese dollmaking techniques stretch back thousands of years, one of the finest examples of historic construction and design can be found right here in Tokyo at the Yoshitoku doll company.

Featuring meticulously crafted figurines decorated in often elaborate fashion, Yoshitoku’s dolls are used in everything from annual celebrations of Girls’ Day and daily good luck charms to historical representations of samurai armor from Japan’s martial past.

At this exhibition, Yoshitoku showcases not only its centuries of tradition but also the influences of the present and future with Olympic- and pop culture-themed dolls, including Darth Vader and Batman, guaranteed to delight.

The Club has been hosting Yoshitoku displays for Girls' Day and Boys' Day since 2001.

  • Open to Members and Member-accompanied guests

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