Adult Cardio Tennis (Fall)

Combine the best of a technical tennis lesson with a calorie-busting workout.

What will the students learn in this class?
Brush up on your tennis game while burning calories through a high-intensity, nonstop cardiovascular aerobic workout perfect for Members looking to break out of a traditional gym routine.

What are the benefits of this class?
Keep your muscles active and your mind entertained with a workout that trades old-fashioned gym habits for a modern, high-paced exercise session designed to keep your heart pumping.

Who will teach this class?
Filip Koziell is a former Purdue University NCAA Division I athlete who competed in his first international tennis tournament at just 14 years old. Experienced with students of all levels, Koziell is the newest instructor at Krissman International Tennis School, the Club’s source of high-quality tennis instruction since 1999.


  • Sep 1–Dec 15 | Wed | 8–9am | 16 classes | ¥52,800
  • Sep 3–Dec 10 | Fri | 8–9am | 14 classes | ¥46,200


  • No Class: Nov 26 (Fri)
  • Cancellations are accepted before/on the day of the first class
  • Demo racquets are available on request.
  • Prices include consumption tax
  • Mask required