Preschool Prep

Kids get a head start on school with a program that develops their thinking and social skills.

Featuring vocabulary-building skills, classroom participation games and activities in other critical areas, this tried-and-tested program introduces youngsters to learning before their first school bell rings.

“It’s when they first learn how to interact with others and learn critical social and emotional skills,” says head teacher and early childhood education expert Joyce Nketsia-Mensah. “When this is done successfully, it lays a solid foundation throughout the child’s education.”

Monthly sessions include daily lunch and rigorous sanitization routines to ensure the safety of teachers and students alike.


  • Sep 6–10, 13–17, 20–24 | Sep 27–Oct 1 | Oct 4–8, 11–15, 18–22, 25–29 | Nov 1–5, 8–12, 15–19 | Nov 29–Dec 3 | Dec 6–10
  • Weekdays: 9am–2pm
  • Weekly sessions: ¥49,500 (¥176,000 for 4 consecutive sessions)
  • Daily sessions: ¥11,000
  • Ages 2–4

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