Gallery Reception: Kazuya Osada

Award-winning washi creator Kazuya Osada wants to showcase the natural power of the Japanese paper at the Club.

Osada’s passion comes from his family’s dedication to making washi for the past hundred years. Even today, he uses traditional techniques dating from the 1930s to make his handmade decorative washi.

Next year marks 40 years since he began exhibiting nationwide, and he has been awarded the International Paper Works of Contemporary Art Prize in Fukui Prefecture, Japan’s heartland of washi-making, 16 times.

His exhibits at the Frederick Harris Gallery are simple, colorless washi artworks.

“The only shrine to the god of washi is in my hometown. The mountain path to it winds alongside a clear river through a sacred forest, from which I get a lot of inspiration,” Osada says. “Washi is a sacred blessing from nature. I hope to bring that power to those who view my art.”

Gallery Exhibition

  • Sep 4–24


Gallery Reception

  • Free
  • Open to adults, invitees and Members only

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