Knitting: Cable

Fancy an Irish fisherman’s sweater with cables crisscrossing this way and that?

Or perhaps an afghan or a vest with a Celtic knot? Learn how to knit cables and tame the wild patterns to make your dream item.

This is an intermediate-level, technique class can be taken on its own or in combination with other knitting classes.

Required items: Cable needle (or a double-pointed knitting needle), knitting needles and yarn in appropriate size. Size 7–8 needles (4.5–5mm) and worsted or aran merino wool yarn are ideal.

Contact the instructor if you need help purchasing items.

Instructor: Kendra Morgenstern
A longtime resident of Tokyo, Kendra is an avid knitter and quilter. The American has been teaching others how to knit and quilt for more than a decade. She keeps track of her creative ideas and everything else by bullet journaling.


  • Wed
  • Mar 13
  • 1–3:30pm
  • Jean Pearce Classroom
  • Class fee: ¥4,500
  • Cancellation deadline: Mar 6