Mudsharks Group Lessons: Goblins Session 2

The Mudsharks group swim programs are for entry-level swimmers who want to continue on to the swim team.

Children from ages 3 to 4 learn swim skills through short-distance swimming, repetition and drills in a structured group program while developing water confidence and good swimming habits.

What will I learn in this class?
Students start developing proper swimming habits, body positions and propulsion techniques through the repetition of short-distance, fun-filled skill sets

What are the benefits of this class?
This is a structured program that prepares students with the basic techniques for participating in the upper-level kids’ group programs.

Who will teach this class?
Sky Pool's team of professional swim instructors and coaches will guide children through this stage of development.

Mon & Wed | 4–4:30pm
Tue & Thu | 4–4:30pm

Session 1: Jan 15–Mar 14 | ¥34,920 (9 weeks) | registration starts Dec 4
Session 2: Mar 25–May 30* | ¥34,920 (9 weeks) | registration starts Mar 5
Session 3: Aug 26–Oct 3 | ¥23,280 (6 weeks) | registration starts Aug 6
Session 4: Oct 15–Dec 5 | ¥31,040 (8 weeks) | registration starts Sep 24

*No lessons Apr 30–May 2 (Golden Week)
**No lessons on national holidays–program fee will be prorated