Mudsharks Swim Team: Junior Squad Session 2

The Mudsharks is a swim team program for children who want to improve their swimming skills.

What will I learn in this class?
Swimmers focus on kick and drill work to improve on lower-level skills. Swimmers solidify basic techniques while increasing distances and lowering cycles to build stamina and strength.

What are the benefits of this class?
Students improve strokes to become more efficient and faster. This goal-setting course also encourages swimmers to push themselves to improve personal bests and overall commitment to the sport.

Who will teach this class?
Head Coach Simon Hadlow is an Australian level-one-certified instructor with more than two decades of experience at the competitive level. Coach Hadlow leads a team of highly experienced assistant coaches who motivate and educate swimmers throughout the course.

Assistant coaches: Farid Stas, Benny Edriansyah, Marcin Nowakowski

Junior Squad
Juniors work on building stamina, stroke correction and speed. Participants should have properly formed strokes in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly for distances of 25m. Swimming sessions will be broken down weekly to prepare the swimmers for the next competitive level. Participants are expected to attend all practices.

Mon & Wed | 5:30–6:45pm | Maximum 12 participants
Tue & Thu | 5:30–6:45pm | Maximum 12 participants

Session 1: Jan 7–Mar 22 | ¥35,610 | registration starts Dec 4
Session 2: Mar 25–Jun 7 | ¥35,610 | registration starts Mar 5
Session 3: Aug 19–Oct 11 | ¥26,380 | registration starts Aug 6
Session 4: Oct 14–Dec 13 | ¥29,460 | registration starts Sep 24

Mudsharks Swim Team Tryouts
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organize a tryout time.
The program is multi-leveled and tailored to the individual needs of each and every swimmer. New swimmers to the Mudsharks must go through a tryout held during the practice time and day of the group the swimmer wishes to join. Previously recorded meet times may be used to determine appropriate levels.

Program Requirements
• Swimmers must wear goggles.
• Female swimmers must wear swim caps (optional for male swimmers).
• All swimmers are required to wear Mudsharks team swimsuits and swim caps (for sale at the Pool Office) during practices and at swim meets.
• Mudsharks swim kit: swimsuit, swim cap and T-shirt.
• Participants are required to attend a minimum number of sessions to remain in good standing.
• Participants must follow instructions and conduct themselves responsibly at all times, both at the Club and while taking part in off-site events.
• Participants training with the Mudsharks should compete at swim meets for the Mudsharks.
• Failure to abide by these standards may result in removal from the program; registration fees will not be refunded in such cases.