Gallery Exhibition: Neinei

Japanese women are the stars of this exhibition of striking, pop art-style portraits by Neinei, the pseudonym of Chinese artist Lou Xiaoning.

Blending classical Japanese aesthetics with contemporary kawaii culture, Neinei says her subjects embody the Japanese celebratory concept of hare.

“At the same time, her pose and gaze suggest the opposite culture of rigor present in Japanese society,” Neinei says, “a culture of inaccessibility, dignity, tranquility and graveness.”

The Tama Art University doctoral student’s exhibition, which runs from May 31, launches the Frederick Harris Gallery's second summer of shows by emerging local artists.

Neinei was born in 1993.

All works are available for purchase through Member Services.

Artistic Thoughts
Moment I realized I wanted to become an artist.
N: The moment I wanted to convey to audiences the diverse lifestyles that exist around the world.

What I would tell my 20-year-old self.
N: Keep exploring

My perfect creative environment.
N: Inspired by the city to create in the countryside.

Artist, living or dead, I’d most like to share a meal with.
N: Aquirax Uno [graphic artist, illustrator and painter Akira Uno].

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