Storytime with Michal Cohen Bromberg

Moving can be a nerve-racking and unsettling experience, particularly when you have to make friends all over again.

Understanding this, first-time children’s author Michal Cohen Bromberg decided to pen a book to help kids settle into a new place.

At this special storytime, she will read The Tree of Stars: Friends Forever, play a video of a song she recorded to accompany the book and encourage participants to make new friends.

“Sometimes it may take us time to see a star, just like it may take us time to see the light in people, but when we see it, a friendship is as strong as a tree,” she says. “The book is meant to encourage children to meet different friends, to share, care and bond.”

The Israeli has lived in a number of countries with her family.

Signed copies of her book will be available for purchase for ¥2,200 each.

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