Amazake Tasting

Searching for a refreshing and healthy drink to boost your energy this summer? Look no further than our amazake tasting at The Cellar.

Savor the sweetness of Kanagawa-based Amazake Stand’s amazake, including samples from its bestselling amazake smoothies.

Made from rice and koji yeast from Iwate Prefecture, this nonalcoholic pick-me-up is packed with essential vitamins and enzymes to help you overcome fatigue.

But that’s not all. The koji enzyme in amazake has body-boosting, antioxidant properties, and the drink’s plant-based lactic acid bacteria are great for gut health.

And for the fitness enthusiasts out there, amazake is a rich source of essential amino acids, which aid in muscle recovery and building stamina.

Amazake Stand’s products are also unpasteurized, which seals in all those amazing nutrients for you to enjoy in every sip.

The two-day tasting will feature Amazake Stand’s plain amazake (available for ¥480 per bottle) and its daily amazake (¥440 per pack).

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