Gallery Reception: Timothy Betjeman

American painter Timothy Betjeman mixes traditional Heian period rinpa paintings with the intricate details of European botanical drawings and Western pop art styles.

His works will be on display at the Frederick Harris Gallery showing this unique blend of cultures, capturing moments where nature and human craftsmanship connect.

“Western oil painting and Nihonga (Japanese paintings) represent distinct visual languages, which I aspire to combine and show the expression between the two,” reveals the Tama Art University graduate.

Betjeman’s work has been on display at the University of Chicago, the London Art Fair and is part of the Royal Abu Dhabi Collection.

His exhibition at the Club is available for viewing from June 4 through July 1.

Artworks are available for purchase through Member Services. 

Artistic Thoughts

Moment I realized I wanted to become an artist.
I used to look through my dad’s art books as a child. I loved copying drawings from Leonardo Da Vinci and Egon Schiele especially. That’s when I got really into drawing, and from drawing comes everything else.

What I would tell my 20-year-old self.  
Go to Japan.

My perfect creative environment.  
Anywhere that is quiet, with good light, and space. Having an ocean nearby is a plus!

Artist, living or dead, I’d like to share a meal with.
El Greco because I heard he had a live orchestra play for all his meals.

Gallery Exhibition

  • Jun 4 (6pm)–Jul 1 (2pm)
  • Members only
  • Frederick Harris Gallery (B1)  


Gallery Reception

  • Open to Members

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