Japanese Home Cooking: Easy Sushi

Who says you have to apprentice for 10 years to be able to make Japan’s iconic sushi?

Learn how to make chirashizushi, or scattered sushi, before molding it into different shapes using various utensils.

Just in time for lunch, students will eat their creations along with side dishes of cooked vegetables and dressed tofu, spring rolls and seasonal vegetables with karashi mustard and vinegar miso.

Kumi Kui first started teaching cooking while living in London between 2002 and 2010. After returning to Japan, the Nara native opened her K2 culinary school in Tokyo in 2012. She taught her first classes at the Club the following year. Kui, who is a certified dashi broth sommelier, has been featured in INTOUCH magazine.


  • Feb 28
  • 10:30am–1pm
  • Off-site (nearest station: Hiroo)
  • ¥7,000
  • Non-Connections members are charged an additional registration fee of ¥3,500 (waived for Connections members).
  • Cancel by Feb 21