Aloha Ukulele: Summer Breeze

Warmer weather and warmer tunes.

What will I learn in this class?
Enjoy a morning of laid-back Hawaiian vibes while learning how to play and sing simple Hawaiian and popular tunes. Students can bring their own ukulele or ask the instructor for recommendations on buying one for themselves.

What is the goal of this class?
Pick up the basics of the ukulele and learn to play and sing along.

Who will teach this class?
Hiromichi Uchida developed an interest in American popular and jazz music during elementary school. After singing with country bands in high school, Uchida embraced Hawaiian music and the ukulele while at university. He occasionally performs live solo and as part of a group.


  • May 8
  • 10am–12pm
  • Beate Sirota Gordon & Haru Reischauer classrooms
  • ¥4,300
  • Cancellation deadline: Apr 28