Beauty School

Go for that all-natural look.

What will I learn in this class?
Learn about the benefits of using organic, herbal ingredients to easily make skin and hair care products that are safe for the entire family to use.

What is the goal of this class?
Students learn the science behind chemical-free products and create their own wrinkle and hair serum for use at home.

Who will teach this class?
Blanka Kobayashi is a certified aromatherapist with experience helping people navigate and learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices. Kobayashi specializes in using plant-based, organic ingredients to create cosmetics and household cleaning products.


  • Mar 3
  • 10am–12pm
  • Beate Sirota Gordon & Haru Reischauer classrooms
  • ¥3,000 (materials fee: ¥1,500)
  • Cancellation deadline: Feb 21