Vegesushi Workshop

Create your own vegetable sushi showpieces at this Instagram-friendly workshop.

Following the style presented in the best-selling book, Vegesushi, students select cooked ingredients for their eye-catching “cakes” of veggie sushi.

Plastic takeout containers are provided at the end of the workshop.

Instructor: Sogen Ichizumi
Sogen is a designer, food artist and lecturer at BBT University in Tokyo. As the author of the best-selling recipe book, Vegesushi, he has conducted workshops in France, Germany, Thailand and across Japan.


  • Mon
  • Apr 8
  • 10am–1pm
  • Meeting point: The Parkhouse Shirogane 2 Chome Tower
  • Class Fee: ¥7,500 including handout booklet
  • Cancellation deadline: Apr 1
  • Website: