Japanese Garden Walks: Shibamata Gardens

Lauded by a highly regarded American magazine, Tokyo’s Yamamoto-tei is a traditional Japanese house that features elements of Western architecture and a beautiful shoin-style garden (designed for admiring from within a building).

Participants take in the garden while enjoying matcha green tea and sweets.

The tour also includes a visit to Shibamata Taishakuten, a temple famous for its sculptures and garden, and lunch at a Japanese restaurant more than a century old.

Instructor: Kazuko Morio
Growing up in a house with a Japanese tea garden, where her grandmother taught tea ceremony, Kazuko enjoyed tending to the garden every day. She later developed her interest in gardens through study and her work as a certified guide and interpreter.


  • Tue
  • Feb 5
  • 8:30am–1pm
  • Meeting point: Azabu Juban Station (exit 4)
  • Class Fee: ¥4860 (includes entrance fee & tea with sweets)
  • Transportation fee: approx. ¥1,000 + Optional lunch
  • Cancellation deadline: Jan 29