Discovering Piemonte

Renowned for its world-class Barolo and Barbaresco wines, Italy’s Piedmont region is also home to numerous exquisite, under-the-radar grape varietals.

At this tasting, hosted by Roddy Ropner, Italian wine ambassador for Vinitaly International, wine lovers will have the chance to sample a few of those lesser-known wines, including a 2015 Vigneti Massa Costa del Vento Timorasso and a 2016 Castello di Verduno Basadone Pelaverga.

“Walter Massa has rescued Timorasso from obscurity and produces some of the finest white wines in Italy,” Ropner says.

“The Pelaverga is a very rare grape, planted on less than 20 hectares. Once again, this example is from a top estate. Pelaverga presents the softer side of Piemonte’s wines and will be an interesting contrast with the Freisa and Barolo, which also feature in the tasting.”

But fear not, the region’s classic Nebbiolo grape won’t be completely forgotten.

“The idea behind the seminar is to introduce some of the less well-known native grapes of Piemonte,” Ropner says, “but we have also included a classic Barolo as a benchmark.”

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