The numerous committees oversee particular areas of Club operations, plan events and programs and advise the Board of Governors and management.

All committee positions are voluntary and Members are encouraged to take an interest in the governance side of the Club.

Members interested in joining a committee should contact the Management Office or the committee chair directly.

The minutes of some of the committees' regular meetings are available for viewing by logged-in Members.

2021 Committees

The Compensation Committee consists of five voting members, all of whom are governors. The general manager and the chair of the Human Resources Committee are non-voting, ex-officio members. The general manager reports to and consults with the Compensation Committee on the hiring, dismissing, compensation and annual evaluations of executive staff.

Compensation Committee Chair
Anthony Moore

The Culture, Community & Entertainment Committee advises the Board on matters of cultural exchange and organizes a full calendar of social programs at the Club, including receptions, music events and holiday dinners, to keep Members engaged, involved and smiling throughout the year.

Culture, Community & Entertainment Committee Chair
Miki Ohyama (Board liaison: Jeffrey Behr)


  • Community Relations (chair: Hideki Endo)
  • Frederick Harris Gallery (chair: JoAnn Yoneyama)
  • TAC Talk (chair: Simon Farell)

The Finance Committee works to keep the Club's finances in order, preparing the budget and overseeing all financial affairs and policies, including the adherence to approved forecasts, recommendations of the annual auditing firm and consideration of requested additional funding.

Finance Committee Chair
Joe Moscato (Board liaison: Kenji Ota)

The Food & Beverage Committee ensures that the quality and service of the Club's restaurants continues to surpass Member expectations and deliver world-class dining, along with exceptional banqueting and catering services. Its involvement ranges from creating policies to assessing finances to developing a yearly agenda of events.

Food & Beverage Committee Chair
Kristina Wright (Board liaison: Sam Rogan)


  • Wine & Beverage (chair: Keith Truelove)

The House Committee oversees the maintenance and improvement of Club facilities to meet its objectives and ideals and keep the Club running smoothly. Tasks include evaluating the use of space, implementing upgrades, proposing dress and conduct regulations, investigating violations of Club rules and acceptable behavior and taking appropriate actions, and making recommendations to the Board.

House Committee Chair
Douglas Hymas (Board liaison: Catherine Ohura)

The Human Resources Committee guides the Club's executive team on staff management and organization. It audits human-resource practices and policies to ensure that they meet both industry and Club standards. The committee also reviews and approves compensation programs to the Board.

Human Resources Committee Chair
John Y. Sasaki (Board liaison: Tetsutaro Muraki)

The Membership Committee is responsible for all matters related to membership applications, resignations, cancellations, suspensions and transfers in status, and recommends policies to the Board of Governors concerning Member communications.

Membership Committee Chair
Risa Dimacali (Board liaison: Trista Bridges Bivens)

The Nominating Committee prepares the Club's slate of nominees for election to office, in accordance with procedures established in the General Rules. To ready the ballots, the committee solicits information and recommendations from the Board of Governors, general manager and knowledgeable Members.

Nominating Committee Chair
Ray Klein

The Recreation Committee develops and promotes recreational programs, designed to keep bodies and minds active, healthy and happy. A mix of activities ensures that Members of all ages and interests can discover their ideal pursuits.

Recreation Committee Chair
Nils Plett (Board liaison: Christina Siegel)


  • Golf (chair: Charles Postles)
  • Squash (chair: Jeremy Markwick Smith)
  • Swim (chair: Agnes Ouellette)

The Risk Control Committee oversees the Club’s internal controls and advises the Board of Governors on related risks. It also selects the audit firm to carry out the annual audit and oversees the implementation of any audit-recommended changes.

Risk Control Committee Chair
Justin Keyes (Board liaison: John Flanagan)

The TAC Nihonbashi Committee oversees the Club's satellite facility, which opened on the sixth floor of Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower in March 2021.

TAC Nihonbashi Committee Chair
Ginger Griggs (Board liaison: Alok Rakyan)