Club Services: Fred Harris Gallery

Frederick Harris Gallery

The Club showcases the works of local and internationally renowned artists through exhibitions at its Frederick Harris Gallery. 

Named after the late Frederick Harris, a former Club president and talented painter, the gallery is split into two parts, a main space at the entrance to the B1 Adult Lobby and a showcase near the Family Lobby on the first floor.

The gallery hosts around two exhibitions a month, with works ranging from oil paintings and traditional Japanese woodblock prints to ceramics and sculptures.

Much of the displayed artwork is available for purchase through Member Services or online, and sales begin at 6pm on the first day of the exhibition.

The Frederick Harris Gallery Committee welcomes applications. Those interested in exhibiting their works can apply online.

September 12–October 2
CWAJ Print Show Special Exhibit: Color Blast! (prints)

October 3–31
Hiroki Kiyokawa (kintsugi pottery, lacquer art)

November 1–December 4
Shingo Francis (painting)

December 5–January 9
Tolman Gallery (prints)

January 10–February 5

Kiyoka Yamagata (oil painting)

February 6–March 4
Gyokusen Kasagi (calligraphy)

April 2–May 7
Mutsuko Yawatagaki (quilts)

May 8–June 3
Mino Watanabe (painting)

June 4–July 1    
Timothy Betjeman (Japanese painting, mixed media)

July 2–August 5    
Makiko Takashima (painting)

September 3–October 7
Erie Iguchi (sculpture)

October 8–November 5    
CWAJ (prints)

November 6–December 2
For Art's Sake (various)

December 3–January 6
Bonnie Cherni (large-scale origami)