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Gold Pursuits INDEPTH | FOCUS

Gold Pursuits

With the Tokyo Olympics just one year away, two Team USA track stars discuss the paths that brought them to this point and the short sprints to go.

A hush fell over the 60,000 spectators in Rio’s Estádio Olímpico. American Courtney Okolo shuffled into the starting blocks.

Scout’s Honor indepth | scouting

Scout’s Honor

The Club’s newest Eagle Scout explains how Scouting has prepared him for whatever life has in store.

Business executives, an FBI agent and the United States Ambassador to Japan. For one evening last month, 18-year-old Member Ryo Kamibayashi upstaged them all.

Raising the Steakhouse Bar indepth | dining

Raising the Steakhouse Bar

With CHOP Steakhouse set to unveil a brand-new menu this month, what can Members expect from the Club’s home of steaks?

Scott Kihara takes his steak seriously. Just a mention of “marbling” can trigger a passionate expounding on how that all-important blend of lean and fat in a cut of meat affects its flavor. 

Strength and Wellness in Numbers INDEPTH | FITNESS

Strength and Wellness in Numbers

Ahead of two Les Mills demonstration days this month, followers of the global fitness sensation explain its appeal.

After a long day at the office, Member Olga Grant pities the couch potato.