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Nihonbashi Home INDEPTH | FOCUS

Nihonbashi Home

With the Club set to unveil its first satellite facility next year, what can Members expect from this second home away from home?

Is there such a thing as a heart to a city of 14 million? When Tokyo was still Edo, there was.

Stand and Deliver Indepth | Toastmasters

Stand and Deliver

What makes a good public speaker? According to the Club’s Toastmasters chapter, perseverance, diligence and the courage to fail.

It wasn’t Makoto Ishiwata’s first speech, but he had never had to deliver one via the online Zoom platform before.

A Cultivated Kinship INDEPTH | COMMUNITY

A Cultivated Kinship

Member David Beeman reflects on a fondness for Japan forged over more than four decades.

David Beeman’s assistant wanted some advice. It was 1989 and real-estate prices were still skyrocketing.

Written in the Stars Voice

Written in the Stars

Just as the Nordic countries dominate the medal table each Winter Olympics, the region is a leader in the world of heavy metal music, too.

According to the Encyclopaedia Metallum website, Finland had 630 metal bands per 1 million people in 2016, followed by Sweden with 428, Iceland (341), Norway (299) and Denmark (154).