Iaido (Fall)

Immerse yourself in the world of samurai swordsmanship.

What will the students learn in this class?

Studied by samurai warriors, iaido is a martial art that focuses on the art of swiftly and silently drawing a sword and attacking an opponent. Students study iaido kata, or movements, which are performed without an opponent and require a high level of concentration.

There are a number of styles of iaido, and this class follows the 340-year-old Iai Mugairyu school, Japan’s largest. Students first learn fundamental kata before moving on to tokumidachi movements of combat in pairs. Through practice, students learn how to adopt refined movements and posture and progress through the dan (degree) rankings.

What are the benefits of this class?
Iaido introduces students to samurai customs, etiquette and philosophy. The martial art’s techniques and training methods enhance mind and body and can be adapted for self-defense.

Who will teach this class?
Master Hougyoku Takeda Hougyoku is the top instructor of the Japan Mugairyu Organization, Japan’s largest group teaching traditional swordsmanship. He is a director of iaido at Hougyokukai and holds a seventh-degree teacher’s license. He inherited the 340-year-old scrolls containing the names of all the headmasters of iaido since the martial art was established.

Ougyoku Yasumura holds a sixth-degree ranking in iaido. She is an instructor with the Japan Mugairyu Organization and the head of the Kanto chapter of Hougyokukai.

Giuliano Kumashiro is a third-degree practitioner of Mugairyu iaido.


  • Sep 8–Dec 15 (13 classes; no class: Oct 20 & Nov 24)
  • Fri | 7–8pm
  • ¥40,040
  • Required equipment (¥15,180: charged after registration): wooden sword with sheath, belt, knee pads and one-year sports insurance (renewed every April for ¥1,920 per year)