The Art of Mochi

Learn how to make two traditional Japanese sweets.

An indispensable part of Japanese culture, particularly during New Year celebrations, mochi glutinous rice is enjoyed in many different forms during the year.

During this mochi confectionery workshop, students will learn how to make tri-colored dango balls on skewers and two strawberry daifuku, a soft sweet stuffed with red bean paste.

After all that hard work, students will sit down to enjoy their creations—along with a grilled isobe mochi snack—over a cup of tea.

Bilingual Miyuki Suyari has been teaching Tokyo-based foreigners and tourists about Japanese cuisine since 2014. The owner of Simply Oishii, she is a Japan Salonaise Association-certified nerikiri art instructor and completed a Japanese confectionery course of the Tsuji Institute of Patisserie. Suyari’s love of cooking began at the age of 9 when she lived in the United States.


  • May 14
  • 10am–12:30pm
  • Off-site (nearest station: Meguro)
  • ¥7,700
  • Non-Connections members are charged an additional registration fee of ¥3,500 (waived for Connections members)
  • Cancellation deadline: May 7