Farmers Market

The freshest produce from Japan’s organic farms straight to your table.

The reputation of the average Japanese diet is pretty sterling compared to the average American one, but all those packs of instant ramen and microwaveable convenience store meals can creep up on you eventually.

Instead, refresh your pantry with some of the freshest and most additive-free produce available.

At this all-natural farmers market organized by local purveyor Ecoloupe, shop from a selection of farm-to-table produce including berries, beets, kale and more, plus 100 percent organic sweets, jams, coffee and wine (plus free cookies with every purchase).

As part of Ecoloupe’s commitment to sustainable and green agriculture, all products are guaranteed organic and are traced every step of the way from the first seed in the ground to the last bit of packaging on the way to your kitchen.

Farm Box

In addition, 75 lucky Members will have the chance to sign up for the brand-new Farm Box organic vegetables and fruit delivery service, set to launch on July 7.

You are what you eat, so why not eat the very best you can?


  • Jun 26

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