Tolman Collection Prints: East Meets West

The Frederick Harris Gallery presents an exploration into the heart of Japanese print art with the Tolman Collection.

Among the diverse styles on display are the contemporary woodblock prints of the late Clifton Karhu, whose tranquil Japanese landscapes bring a fresh twist to the classic art form, and the captivating works of American artist Daniel Kelly.

Curated by Norman H. Tolman, a former American diplomat turned art enthusiast, the exhibition reflects his decades-long influence on contemporary Japanese art.

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of East and West this winter.

Meanwhile, the first-floor display case features a selection of New Year nengajo cards from the collection of the late Frederick Harris.


  • Dec 5 (6pm)–Jan 9 (2pm)
  • Frederick Harris Gallery (B1)


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