Flavorful Experience

Flavorful Experience

The ANA InterContinental Appi Kogen Resort offers distinct dining pleasures.

One of the true joys of traveling is savoring local, seasonal ingredients, expertly prepared.

The Tohoku region is particularly known for its diverse produce, from high-quality beef to outstanding seafood, and an ideal destination to enjoy it is the ANA InterContinental Appi Kogen Resort, the first luxury resort in the area.

Shiratsuyu, the resort’s all-day dining restaurant, offers the ultimate personalized gastronomic experience that lets you enjoy Tohoku produce to the fullest. The restaurant serves dinner, lunch and a breakfast buffet, all charac­terized by an innovative fusion of local and Western cuisine.

Main courses at Shiratsuyu include highly prized ingredients, such as Sanriku aba­lone and scallops, renowned Maezawa beef and the hotel’s original “Appi Beef.” The restaurant is informed by a farm-to- table concept, which focuses on bringing the freshest ingredients to its kitchen and highlighting their flavor in each dish.

The restaurant’s twist on the farm-to-table concept allows diners to choose a variety of cooking methods for each ingredient, so they can arrange everything to their liking—whether that means having seafood prepared as sashimi or elegantly braised or sautéed, or steaks prepared Western or Japanese style. The innovative menu regularly changes with the seasons and features dishes made with the hotel’s uniquely blended, aged soy sauce.

One of the standout items on Shiratsuyu’s menu is its karatsuki uni (sea urchin in their shells). This product is made in colla­­­bo­­ration with the Kitasanriku Factory, which has created a ground­­breaking sea urchin cultiva­tion system in the Kita­sanriku area of Iwate Prefecture. The system allows them to provide restaurants and stores with a stable supply of sea urchins—normally limited to specific seasons—through­out the year. For food lovers, this rare opportu­nity alone could be well worth the trip to Appi Kogen.

Along with your meal, you can enjoy the restaurant’s extensive selection of wine, sake and spirits, including Japanese gins and whiskies, all which go splendidly with Shiratsuyu’s diverse dishes.

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September 2022